Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Starting Over AGAIN!

So friends, here we are some three months later, and what a three months it has been. Wenton Realty is no more, my friends, and I mourn for it. The owner decided to take a salaried job with Citi-Habitats, one of the largest firms in the city, and close his little brokerage down. It was hard - his agents weren't making money, except for me. I was keeping my head above water and even climbing out of the hole. I even began a sale that was going to get me completely out of the tank.

Then it all tanked.

I looked around for some other places to work but decided on Citi-Habitats because they allow agents to do both rentals and sales. But it's a much harder row to hoe. Much less exposure for me. The systems aren't as good - a lot of manual labor to post to Craigslist. Just harder to do, more time intensive. And the manager controls all leads that come directly into the office - but he has 65 agents to give them to, not just three. I'm not doing so great right now. I went straight from one training to the next - scheduled to finish next week. It took up a lot of time but the fact is I just can't work as well. I have to travel a minimum of half an hour just to search a database. It drives me crazy. I've had no calls at all from Manhattan, just Brooklyn. I might have to consider switching again, but AGAIN, after a time investment of almost two months?? It's the kiss of death, I think.

I'm a very stubborn person and I don't want to give up. I think if I go back to office life I'll kill myself. I think the only way to go is forward. This is a very anxious time for me, and I'm very sad. Sad for what Wenton Realty could have been. Sad for what I could have been for it. I loved the arrangement I had there. In a way I guess I'm mourning for that still.

It's quickly becoming painfully obvious that referrals are king here at Citi-Habitats. I'm procrastinating a bit but finally started getting some of this. I guess I've always been one to try to do things on my own. Asking people for help is very difficult. But, I can't go back. I've burned that bridge and want it to stay burnt. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where I am for now. Stay tuned...

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