Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Observations as We Head Into Summer

Summer 2006 is fast approaching. In the past two days we've had some pretty scorching weather, and something tells me that this summer is going to be a hot one.

Sales prices in New York City may not be screaming up like they were, but they aren't stopping either. I've been trying to help three different couples find their new homes in Park Slope, with less than encouraging results. There are two reasons for this:

1) They want to live in the hottest part of the neighborhood and are unwilling to consider the next neighborhood over

2) They think that prices are coming down or should be softer than they are.

Unfortunately for them, even with the market cooling down to normal (from superheated), a well-priced, well-appointed property is still recognized as such and it usually has accepted offers within two weeks of going on the market.

The Wall Street Journal Weekend edition had an interesting article about the fabulous broker parties that are thrown for the new luxury loft condo developments. Hugh Jackman recently appeared at one of these. Do I get invites?? Yes, I do. Would you like to come? Just shoot me an email - I'll put you on my email list and send out invitations.

Do you like to shop? I also have invitations to open house tours - usually 4-6 properties in similar neighborhood and price ranges during a weekday afternoon. Customers are welcome, and I love to go on these. Let me know if you are interested - drop me a line!

Hope you had a great long weekend...

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