Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Strange, New Market...

Lately I've been venturing into a brave new world... the Bronx. With a friend we've been looking at homes for sale in the Bronx. Though there has been a run up in value in the past several years, the values there are much more affordable than Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn. We found entire HOUSES with driveways and backyards for under $400,000! The neighborhoods that we have been looking in have mostly been Baychester and Wakefield. They are nice neighborhoods with lots of green. Some are a bit far from the subway, but the 5 and 2 trains run up there. I highly recommend this neighborhood to anyone who wants a real house. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of $600,000 and up houses, but there are some well below. Usually they are bungalow type houses on narrow lots, but it's a mansion compared to what you can get for similar $$ in Manhattan or parts of Brooklyn! And no messy fussy coop boards like in Queens (I can't believe how fussy those coop boards are!). And the agents are faster to cooperate as well. (yay!).

So, there's my latest recommendation for you all.... Until next time.

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