Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Triborough Award

This post is a few weeks late, since we're now into the new year, but I couldn't help giving myself one little pat on the back - I call it the triborough award. Last month, I happily helped my friend close on a place on East 226th Street - a four bedroom house for under $300,000. Yes, that's right! The house needs TLC, but the neighborhood has a lot of friendly people, it's reachable from the subway, and just four blocks from the Metro North. This was the first year that I completed a transaction in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. 3 boroughs, hence, the triborough award. Yes, I made it up. But it feels really good to say I've done that.

For those of us who are in relentless pursuit of space, I highly suggest the Bronx. It's no further away than Inwood or Washington Heights. My friend purchased in Wakefield, but he drives to work every day and doesn't work in Manhattan, so it works for him. But near the new Yankee Stadium, there are a LOT of bargains too. Given how crazy expensive it is in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Western New Jersey, I think it's really something look at. And with my newfound experience, I feel comfortable helping anyone who's looking to buy in the Bronx. Please drop me a line!

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