Friday, April 20, 2012

I Love New York

Just a quick reminder that this weekend is the first weekend of the Tribeca Film Festival. There are a lot of great looking films this year. Please check out the website at and get a ticket.

IF you don't feel like heading to the theater (and a lot of showings are sold out already, though you can rush 1 hour before, and have a good chance to get in), there are several films available both online and through video-on-demand.

The quality of these movies is amazing, and more than half will trickle out in distribution, though somtimes it takes 1-3 years to appear at your local theater or on cable.

A few years ago, Black Dynamite, a campy homage to "Blaxploitation" movies from the 70s, premiered at Tribeca. It had a run at the Angelica theater in Manhattan about 8 months later. Last Sunday I saw it on TBS. I honestly have no idea why this didn't become a huge hit, but it should become a cult classic.  Netflix it. You'll see what I mean.

And don't miss out on all the awesomeness again - Participate in Tribeca this year!!

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