Monday, June 25, 2012

Wifi is Finally Happening!

So we finally are getting wifi in the subways- the same 6 that have cell service - according to this article from Crains:

While I appreciated it greatly when cell service went up in those stations, I'd rather see additional stations getting cell service. And I suppose wifi will help us use all those iPads, iPods and eReaders. But really we need service (of either kind) down an entire line, or what's the point? I certainly hope no one will start camping out on the benches of the subway to use the free wifi (especially when you can get free wifi in Jackson Square Park, and any one of 6 Starbucks, among others).

I tried to rationalize the idea that the shallowest stations would get service first, but that also makes no sense: the L platforms at 8th Ave and 6th Ave are at least 2 stories deep. Meanwhile, I used to get reception on the N/R/Q platform at Union Square, but that ended after only a few weeks. Why?

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I benefit from the service at 14th street because that is where I take the subway when heading into the office. But I would LOVE to have service at my home station Ft. Hamilton Parkway on the F train. And that's not even a tough station to wire up! On the south end of the Manhattan bound side, you can stand at the top of the stairs and get reception, but two steps down you lose it. I suppose I should be grateful just for that, but it's hard to do when I'm rocking out to Pandora and cut off half a song after jumping on the train. Once Pandora threw up Cashmere by Led Zepplin and I managed to ride that all the way through to the outdoor track at Fourth Ave, where I got a little continuity.

But I get it, Manhattan matters most, right? How about we wire up the A/C/E train from Fulton to 42nd Street and go from there?

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