Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nice Place You Got Here....

Yesterday I had my first visit to the MiMA building on 42nd Street off Times Square. As someone whose areas of specialty are below 34th Street, it just hasn't been that high on my must-see list. But I have to say I was impressed. I had in my head that the building was all the way on the Hudson. This isn't true. It's actually at the corner of 42nd Street and Dyer Ave (which is basically 4-block long access road to the Lincoln Tunnel that intersects between Ninth and Tenth Avenues). So it's about 1.5 blocks from the nearest subway stop, and 2.5 blocks from the majority of subway lines that run through the city. That's not bad! Also, it's near the Playrights New Horizons Theater, and the new Pershing Square Signature Theater. Those are two buildings I wish I got to more. You're off Times Square, so no hordes of tourists, but you're nearby for those few times you feel the need to, you know, remind yourself why you love New York City so much. Also, there's two Starbucks about one block away. A very important consideration to me! MiMA was developed by the Related Companies, and they are known for doing upper to ultra-luxury apartment buildings (doorman, etc), but I liked the floorplans I'm seeing - particularly that for the studio - it actually has a separate sleeping area; in some buildings the studio layouts actually force you to put your bed right up under the breakfast bar (at least you don't need a night table that way). Also nice is that that there is laundry in EVERY apartment, even the studios. I really liked the common areas. There are several large rooms that you can book (My meeting was in club room M-1, which had a large conference table, comfortable looking couch and a raised bar/table). Also there is onsite pet care (Dog City they call it). The health club is impressive. The terrace is large and they have a separate area they call "the lawn" which also has a seating area and an outdoor movie screen! (There is also an indoor screening room, and a catering kitchen!) I loved the lobby, which was very large with several groupings of bright, comfortable seating. I appreciated that after I identified myself to the doorman as having business in the building, he didn't begrudge me lingering a few minutes to check email and pack a few things away before I left. When people are looking for very luxurious accommodations (and this building definitely is very high end - studios starting around $4500/month), often they don't want to be west of Ninth Avenue - either because they want to be closer to the action or because they don't want to be near traffic. I'd say this building really isn't affected by those things, and anyone with a budget of $4500 or higher should check it out.

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