Sunday, February 26, 2006

Everyday Something New...

Greetings from the fast-paced world of New York City Real Estate. Time is flying by so quickly that it's been a few weeks!

Things have been hopping along nicely in the past couple weeks, although I wish I was doing more "Quadrant II" stuff (if you aren't familiar with Stephen Covey, it means things that are important but not urgent - really the things that are key to our success!). I have finiahed my email list and will be sending it out to people that I know - friends, family, current and former customers. Once I have my basic list ready, I will introduce a couple others: weekly hot rentals, highlighted sales, and invitations to weekly open house tours.

A website is also in the offing - a few overnights are needed I think. Sleep has been very inviting for the past few weeks, but I know I need to do it, so I will.

So this time I need to talk about the Financial District. Everyone thinks they know it very well - a bunch of cookie cutter luxury doorman buildings in a neighborhood where everything rolls up at night. Well, I predict that very soon it WON'T be true. Why? Because of Stone Street - the beautiful cobblestoned street that is the last of the original "Old New York" blocks. Located near the Wall Street subway station and just a couple blocks from the water, Stone Street has some amazing restaurants - and they're even open on weekends! If you work on Wall Street, you might know about Stone Street... they do a good business for lunch, I'm sure. But just to be in that peaceful space on the weekends... my prediction is that more and more people will flock there. Here are some highlights of properties available in and around Stone Street:

For $2195 this studio loft blows away anything you could get in the luxury doorman buildings. Located in a clean converted warehouse with gorgeous architectural detail, you get a large space, full kitchen, balcony with pets allowed. The building features a fitness room and laundry (on your floor), elevator, and landscaped roof deck. This is a great building! There is a building being built next door, so during the daytime you will get noise, but anyone who works a 9-5 day will likely not notice it as he would be out during construction hours.

Another historic building sits right on the corner of Stone and Pearl Streets. Lovingly restored and managed, features include historically correct arhictecture and studios, one and two bedroom apartments. Unfortunately, this is a very popular place and has no current availabilities for rent - but anyone interested in future (around May) availabilities should definitely let me know.

Those of us who are looking to own may find it worthwhile to look at Block House, a historic conversion taking place just around the block from from Stone Street. Housed in an amazing 1920s Tudor-Style facade (I'll try to include a photo of it), this building has lovely top-of-the-line kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Bathrooms are also beautifully appointed. All apartments have high ceilings which really lets in the light. Pets of course are allowed. This condo, being located right on Stone Street, and right around the corner from the water, is priced very well, with remaining one-bedrooms starting at $620,000-$835,000. This is a far cry from what we're seeing uptown! The remaining penthouse boasts 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with two fireplaces - a stunning space for $3,310,000 - not a bad amount for over 2000 square feet!

If you are interested in getting to know the Stone Street area better, please contact me - particularly for the condominium. I'm dying to sell one of these ... they're so GORGEOUS!!!

Until next time...

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