Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Michigan Connection

I once heard it said that one out of every 20 people in New York did some kind of course work at my alma mater the University of Michigan. Well, that appears to be true as I am meeting more and more wonderful Michigan alums through my real estate career.

My first new friend is Ron Wilde, a mortgage broker with Manhattan Mortgage. For those who are not familiar, Manhattan Mortgage is considered by many in the real estate brokerage industry to be a leading mortgage broker in the Five Boroughs. When selling brokers hear that a prospective buyers has been prequalified through Manhattan Mortgage, they know that person can make the transaction happen.

What I like about Ron is that he has a few years of experience (not like so many mortgage brokers who are just getting into the business) and really has his stuff together. I often am solicited by mortgage brokers who are looking to form a "referral relationship" with me. We are not allowed by law to get referral fees from residential transactions, so basically all we can offer each other is to refer business and to get the job done smoothly. I am very confident in Ron's ability. Every person I have sent his way has been treated professionally, whether they eventually took a mortgage for Ron or not. Ron's phone number is (212) 745-9004, for anyone who would like to discuss getting a mortgage with him - either for purchase or refinance. Let him know I sent you and you'll be treated like gold :-)

My other new acquaintance is a contractor - Andy Davis. Andy is a Project Manager with Certified of NY, Inc, a firm of general contractors and construction managers that have a wide variety of projects throughout New York City, including some lovely residential renovations, commercial construction and (my favorite) high end restaurant construction. Their website is where you can check out their portfolio of recent projects. They do both high and middle end renovations. I will definitely be getting a quote from them for my bathroom and kitchen work!

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